Wednesday, April 12, 2006

to lose themselves in its eyes, to still offer its body

to be just happy, the space of a few hours

to give up itself completely, with this indecent desire,

with this rain of pleasure which returns to us so alive

by closing the eyes, by opening them a little

while frissonant initially, while trembling then

just because our bodies did not choose the escape

to smell its hands everywhere, its breath in my neck

my indiscreet caresses, in search of this whole

making undoubtedly insane

and then...

it is time to leave

to turn over to the port

to take again the ship

of a life carrying out undoubtedly to death

Sunday, April 02, 2006

After Dinner Discussions

We’re a family of news watchers, even the younger kids have an avid interest in what’s going on in the world and have developed their own opinions on the things they see unfold before them in the world and on the news.

Tonight the ongoing conversation started with a discussion of the situation in the Middle East, somehow drifted over to homosexuality, and then slowed down with the revelation that every human being begins life in the womb as a female. The look on 13 year old Anthony’s face at the confirmation from his dad that I wasn’t pulling his leg about this was priceless.

I have to stop here and count my blessings. Our kids are a rare breed in that they talk to us and with us. We pretty much know where each one of them stands on issues and that’s given us a way to keep the communication open to head off any potential problems.No need to monitor their surfing habits on the internet as I feel that kids are much less corruptible than we imagine them to be and I wouldn't flinch a bit if I saw them accessing porn sites

They’re bright, articulate, inquisitive and above all, opinionated. Every single one of them. The downside of course is that the simple ‘because I said’ doesn’t cut it with them. They usually know where the fine line is between expressing an opinion versus being insolent and disrespectful even if they do walk the tight rope on it from time to time.

I listened to them tonight and I walked away feeling really proud of them. Their opinions are well thought out and expressed intelligently. They can discuss an issue, offer their unique perspective on it and maintain an intelligent conversation and keep it on an adult level even if they don’t always agree with each other.